Program One, We Come Together,
begins with the challenge to come together across our racial and cultural differences in a way that can become healthy and functional for all concerned. Introducing social, environmental, and spiritual issues that will be explored in depth throughout the series, this program shows "ordinary people" coming to see:

Program Two, We Cross a Threshold, is derived from a pre-course meeting with a group of Latino-Chicano community activists. This program grounds the entire Reaching Out process in the actuality of the great racial and class gulf that separates us from one another and impacts all our lives.

Program Three, We Care Together, addresses these fundamental questions: how do we, and how might we better, respond to suffering--both other people's and our own? And how can the suffering that we all experience connect us, rather than separate us?

Program Four, We Feel Together, extends this process of community healing into the ecological domain, focusing on the greatest challenge we are called upon to face together: the very real possibility that we are now undermining the capacity of the earth to sustain us.

Program Five, We Think Together , addresses this question: given what we are all called upon to do, how can we do it together--as allies--across all the barriers that have divided us for so long.

Program Six, We Heal Together , returns to the issue of racial healing, showing small-group participants discover that facing hard issues need not end our relationship, but can be a necessary preliminary for acting in concert.

Program Seven, We Are Together, climaxes the process with an experience of people finding common unity. The series concludes with a shared vision of a future all can embrace.